New Study Confirms: Colorado is Among The Best States For US Bettors

A study about U.S. Sports Betting Index shows that Colorado is one of the best states in the U.S. for bettors, as it offers a wide range of consumer-friendly options. The report, which was released by the Consumer Choice Center, ranked all 50 states according to how accessible and consumer-friendly their online sports betting markets are. Nevada, Iowa, and West Virginia also came out on top, while states like New York and Mississippi – which have restrictive laws when it comes to gambling – were at the bottom of the list.


States were awarded points based on the status of their market:

  • Legal (10);
  • Illegal but with legislation pending (5);and
  • illegal with no legislation (0).

Type of betting available scored states:

  • With in-person betting (1);
  • Those with online betting a (2); and
  • Ones with both types a (3).

Who Controls The Market

  • State controls the market (1);
  • Casinos control the market (3); and
  • Sportsbooks controls the market(5).

States will also have additional points based on the number of sportsbooks available per capita.

Best and the Worst States For Consumers

With markets of sports betting available on both a mobile and retail basis, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, and West Virginia came on top with 21 points. Arizona, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Wyoming followed with 20 points a piece. In New Jersey, betting on collegiate events is presently illegal, but pending legislation seeks to repeal the ban.

On the other hand, Alabama and Georgia together with the 14 states that ban sports betting completely were found at the bottom of the index. The study claims that legalizing sports betting in person and online provides “enhanced clarity” and gives consumers additional alternatives. States like Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Maine, Kansas, and Florida only gathered a total of 5 because sports betting markets is currently illegal with legislation pending.

Consumer Choice Center

Consumer Choice Center, an advocacy organization that promotes “lifestyle freedom, cutting-edge technologies, and sensible regulation,” released the study. The index measures and ranks states on a variety of criteria such as legality, where and how people may bet, who regulates betting in each state, and the number of sportsbooks per capita.

The Consumer Choice Center’s report is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know more about the sports betting landscape in the United States. It not only provides insights into which states are the most consumer-friendly but also highlights the importance of having a regulated and legal market. This is something that every state should consider since it not only protects customers but also provides a financial benefit to the state.