NFL Kickoff:  AGA Research Projects 46.6M Bettors

The National Football League is back, and with it comes the promise of another exciting season of gambling. This is the time of year when football fans around the country start to gear up for another NFL season. Whether you’re a fan of the Patriots, Packers, Broncos, or a fan of sports betting in general, this season is something to look forward to.

NFL stadium fans

Welcome Back NFL!

The new season kicks off with a big game Thursday night as the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams host the Buffalos. The league, which last year made DraftKings and FanDuel official partners along with Caesars Entertainment Corporation, is expected to grow even more as the American Gaming Association (AGA) expects that this year’s NFL season is expected to break records for betting activity.

AGA’s Expected Number of NFL Bettors

The AGA estimates that more than 46.6 million people across the US will be playing with sportsbooks during this season, representing a 3% increase from last year and setting new records for most bettors ever at any given time.

Bill Miller AGA President and CEO stated that the consistent performance of the NFL wagering shows the continuous growth in the sports betting industry.

“Consumers want legal sports betting options and understand the regulated industry’s foundational commitments to responsibility,” he added.

Sports betting has been legalized in numerous states and bookmakers are expanding territories for better market share which gives people access, especially to mobile wagering. Since then, sports bettors have been growing and more than 50% of American adults can now bet legally through retail or online sportsbook.

Another key takeaway is that majority of people who gamble plan on leaving the black market, and they’re going straight toward licensed betting operators. The 15% projected number of bettors who will use a bookie last 2021 was down to only 13% this year. Even though it may be immaterial at first glance, lowering the number of people who engage in illegal activity is great news for regulators.

More Responsible US Sports Betting Industry

The research also aimed to analyze the effects of responsible gaming features on bettors and according to the findings, the programs directed at promoting responsible gaming are effective for sports bettors.

Among the respondents, 92% said that they are aware of the responsible gaming tools available and believed that those tools contribute in terms of controlling their gambling activity. It also noted that 90% of the players not just see responsible gaming ads, but sethemit more frequently compared to earlier years.

The American Gaming Association also found that 82% of bettors in the past NFL season believe responsible gambling programs work. Additionally, 81 percent said they believe the industry cares for its customers and is committed to respectful gaming practices.

Miller attributed this result to maturation in legal sports betting markets across America as well as clear consumer demand for access options without committing any violations or accessing revenue streams outside their intended scope.

The CEO concluded that responsibility holds a vital role in the progressing sports betting industry and will also be a key factor in building a sustainable gambling market.