Betting on Colorado’s Sports Teams

What a time to be a Colorado sports fan! Not only can you place a bet on your favorite team without the fear of seeing the inside of the can or having your legs broken, but the newly legalized sports betting industry has also brought more sports news and coverage with it. This of course includes the highly coveted realm of picks and predictions for all of Colorado’s pro teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS. Instead of searching around and piecing it all together yourself, you can find it all here with us along with betting news on all your local teams.

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All You Need to Know About Our Picks and Predictions

Any jackass who follows sports can make picks, so why should you listen to us? First of all, that’s your business and your choice. But we can tell you this, the experts we have making our picks and predictions not only live and breathe sports, but they also practice what they preach and are active sports bettors. This is their job. Like in any industry, those who aren’t good at their jobs tend not to keep them for long, and our experts have been doing this for years.

One of the biggest advantages to having seasoned sports writers and gamblers is that they understand that merely giving a pick and prediction isn’t how it’s done. They’ll educate you not only on what to look for when placing a bet, but also where the opportunities and value lie. For example, picking the Broncos to win against the Raiders and giving a score isn’t enough. However, drawing attention to a weak Raiders secondary represents an opportunity for Russell Wilson and his receiving corps to do some damage and hit the over on passing and receiving props.

This is the info you can expect to find here. Team and player matchup information, trends, statistics, and odds and lines, along with a solid, easy-to-understand explanation of how it all fits together and our picks. However, instead of doing this for every team, in every league, for every game, we concentrate exclusively on our hometown Colorado teams.